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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Angry American

You hear a lot of words used to describe the mood of America today: Wary, apprehensive, nervous, pessimistic, cautious, etc. Another word says it best: Angry.

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Sending a Latino to do America’s Job

Once again, it’s G.I. Jose to the rescue. It should be no surprise that Latinos are being called — albeit, very quietly — to do what most U.S. residents don’t want their children to consider: enlist in the U.S. military.

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Enough Already

Pretty soon, Supreme Court nominees will be asked to supply the Senate with their high-school papers in an effort to determine their future votes on key issues like abortion and the Ten Commandments. That is, of course, if the special-interest groups have their way.

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Negative Media Coverage

Mark Yost, editorial-page associate editor of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, a Knight Ridder newspaper, committed a major boo-boo. He penned a provocative column on media coverage of the Iraq war, observing that from what his contacts there told him — with apologies to Johnny Mercer — the mainstream media are accentuating the negative and ignoring the positive.

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Is Hillary Marching to a Conservative Drummer?

If Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s rightward march continues, her media cheerleaders will relaunch her as “Hillary Rodham Goldwater.” Sympathetic commentators have ballyhooed the New York Democrat’s shift toward the center. Each of her less-than-socialist utterings confirms her mounting moderation. Don’t believe the hype.

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The Real Crime

The outing of a CIA officer isn’t the only potential crime that occurred in the long, tortuous attempt to prove that Saddam Hussein was buying uranium from Africa. There also is the little matter of forgery.

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Praise the Lord…Or Else!

James Dobson isn’t afraid to dish out tough love. Listen closely. Don’t sass back. Or else. “When a youngster tries this kind of stiff-necked rebellion, you had better take it out of him,” he once wrote, “and pain is a marvelous purifier.”

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The Battle for Property Rights

Susette Kelo didn’t plan to lend her name to a grass-roots revolution when she and six neighbors took on New London, Conn., over plans to raze their modest homes and redevelop the waterfront property as a hotel, office park and “urban-style” townhouses.

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