In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Friday, September 17, 2021

Court Nominees Should State Their Positions

Imagine if during last fall’s presidential debates the candidates had refused to answer specific questions about what they would do about various controversial issues, but instead insisted on giving only general answers regarding their “political philosophies.”

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Rethinking Amtrak

If our nation were ruled by cold logic, we would not have Amtrak. It makes no economic sense. But we are ruled by Congress, and so we do have Amtrak and have had it for 35 years.

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Time to Come Clean

Our focus here is White House denials that Bush political strategist Karl Rove had any involvement in leaking the identity of a once-covert CIA agent who was the wife of a Bush critic. It is a crime to reveal the identity of an agent if you knew the government sought to keep the identity secret. But the White House went further, denying that Rove had any involvement in telling journalists about Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s CIA-agent wife. And that, we now know, was untrue.

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Selling Out Our Country

Others can be polite if they want. It’s a waste of time. You don’t fight demagoguery with civility. You get down and dirty because these maniacal conservatives are doing everything in their power to destroy America. They have shredded the Constitution, created a police state bureaucracy called Homeland Security and sold out this country to their fat cat special interests and Middle Eastern oil interests.

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Challenging the Status Quo

While it is not unusual for a president to name a blue-ribbon panel to study problems of national import, it is rare for him to act on its recommendations. Usually, commissions of this sort become producers of waste paper.

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Roberts Doesn’t Always Fit the Stereotype

He is conservative, but not doctrinaire. His results can be hard-headed, but leavened with understated humor. He can be skeptical of how Congress justifies environmental and other laws under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause. He can also be pragmatic, sometimes seeming closer to a Sandra Day O’Connor than a Clarence Thomas.

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