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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Republicans Raise Big Bucks

The Republican National Committee collected nearly $60 million through the first half of the year, giving the GOP a solid financial footing for the midterm congressional elections in 2006.

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Who Says Reading is Dead?

Maybe it’s the exception that proves the rule, but the seers who say the traditional book is dead and that kids don’t read anyway were buried this past weekend by an avalanche of Harry Potter books.

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The First Lady Talks Rubbers

Wait a minute. Did we hear right? A member of the Bush family, darling of evangelical Christians, advocating condom use (even if it is only as a last resort)? Mother of God, I must be having a flashback.

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Feeling a Draft?

The Bush administration’s commitment to stay the course in Iraq no matter how long it takes, a drastic slowdown in military recruitment and Pentagon efforts to compile a database of high-school and college-age Americans have heightened parental concerns about the possibility of reinstatement of some form of national service.

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Is Rehnquist Fit to Serve?

By ruling out an imminent retirement last week, Rehnquist momentarily calmed feverish inside-the-Beltway speculation. His declaration raised the curtain, though, on the delicate question of how age and infirmity can shape justice, and on how much power judges enjoy to decide their own futures.

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Bush Changes Position on Firing Leakers

President Bush, faced with having to make good on his promise to fire anyone caught leaking information on a CIA operative, instead changed his criteria, promising now to dismiss any White House official if “they committed a crime.”

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