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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Lawmakers Demand Apology From Santorum

The Massachusetts congressional delegation Friday sent a letter to a Pennsylvania senator demanding an apology for what they called his “outrageous, erroneous and insensitive” comments in a column linking Boston’s liberalism to the clergy sex abuse scandal.

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Rehnquist Decision May Force Bush’s Hand

William H. Rehnquist’s plan to stay on as chief justice clears the way for President Bush to make a swift decision to replace retiring Sandra Day O’Connor. Liberals and conservatives have different ideas about whom that might boost, but they agree Bush will try to move the court to the right.

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More Credibility Problems for Rove

Prosecutors investigating a CIA officer’s blown cover gathered e-mail evidence that a top White House intelligence official knew Bush confidant Karl Rove had spoken to a reporter just days before the journalist identified the covert operative.

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