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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Rove Claims Novak Leaked Plame’s Name to Him

Presidential confidant Karl Rove testified to a grand jury that he learned the identity of a CIA operative originally from journalists, then informally discussed the information with a Time magazine reporter days before the story broke, according to a person briefed on the testimony.

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Your Tax Dollars at Work

Forty-four members of Congress flew to Cape Canaveral for the scrubbed launch of space shuttle Discovery at a cost of more than $73,000, according to figures provided to The Associated Press on Thursday.

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Rethinking the American Dream

People who move frequently should not buy homes. Nor should people who loathe the hassles of maintenance: cutting the grass, finding a roofer to fix the elusive leak. People with no financial cushion – as well as people who cannot save – should also abstain (that leaky roof will force low-income owners to tap into nonexistent savings). Indeed, a lot of Americans quite rationally do not want to own, nor should they.

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The Monica Lewinsky Lesson

If it hadn’t been for the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the United States might have had the blessing of private Social Security accounts, and that’s one reason I think Karl Rove should resign as a chief aide to President Bush.

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A Dangerous Black Hole

From a practical point of view, the best definition of a “strict constructionist” is one who interprets the American blueprint the way you want him to. If he agrees with you, he fits the label. If he doesn’t, he falls under some other category.

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The News is Bad…And Getting Worse

Nobody knows how the Pentagon is spending $1 billion a week in Iraq. The Department of Defense has “absolutely atrocious financial management. If it were a business, it would be out of business.”

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Muslims Unhappy with bin Laden

People in several predominately Muslim countries see Islamic extremism as a threat to their nation, and more of them than before reject suicide bombings and dislike Osama bin Laden, according to a new survey released Thursday.

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