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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

FBI Raids Home, Yacht of GOP Congressman

A California congressman whose dealings with a defense contractor are under investigation was taking a “personal day” Saturday and not commenting on federal authorities’ searches a day earlier of his home and a yacht where he stayed while in Washington, a spokesman said.

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No Wonder America Is In Trouble

Between Michael Jackson, the Runaway Bride and Tom Cruise, there hasn’t been much room for other news lately. It got me thinking about what a foreign agent, say from North Korea, might report to his superiors about America after studying our media for the past few months.

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Bush’s Vietnam

Analogies with Vietnam doubtless will grow as our current war continues. Bush’s emphasis on partnering with indigenous Iraqi forces is reminiscent of Washington’s preoccupation, and frustration, with training an effective South Vietnamese military.

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Gitmo Breeds Terrorism, Fuels Hate

Unless the United States closes Guantanamo prison its mistreatment of some 500 terrorism suspects will continue to encourage hatred toward the West and bolster Muslim membership of the al Qaeda network, a new report concludes.

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