In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Government of the Ignorant, By the Ignorant and For the Ignorant

I’m not surprised when the unwashed masses get bent out of shape every time I dare suggest that George W. Bush is not the saint they genuflect to on a daily basis. Ignorance loves company and only the truly ignorant can think Bush is anything more than proof that a functioning brain is not a requirement to be President of the United States.

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Condi Wimps Out

On the one hand, Condoleezza Rice isn’t afraid to display herself in a very public forum donned in disco-diva black-leather boots and military-like regalia. She’ll also take on the most rigid of autocratic country leaders when it comes to “spreading the word” about democracy or criticizing their domestic policies. But she’s an absolute wimp when it comes to standing up for some of the most democracy-deprived citizens of Planet Earth – to wit, the women of Saudi Arabia.

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