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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Partisan Political Pukes

Of all the partisan pukes that put party above country and dominate the political scene these days, none are more offensive than those who push the rights-robbing, morally hypocritical, rabid right-wing agenda of George W. Bush and what used to be the Republican Party.

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Baiting the Censors

Between the Federal Communications Commission and a coterie of angry members of Congress who are egged on by activist citizens’ groups, the radio and television industry is as sensitive to even borderline scatological programming as it has been in the last 50 years. The slightest tint of blue will send the industry’s executives scurrying for cover these days.

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TSA Illegally Collects Personal Data on Airline Passengers

Air travelers who have been concerned about the government collecting their personal information from airlines now have a second source to worry about: commercial data brokers. The federal agency in charge of aviation security revealed that it bought and is storing commercial data about some passengers _ even though officials said they wouldn’t do it and Congress told them not to.

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CIA Loses Another War

A key Pentagon ally in the U.S. Congress defeated a legislative attempt to guarantee the CIA control of all U.S. secret agents overseas, congressional aides said on Monday.

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