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Friday, September 17, 2021

GM Screwed the Pooch

Let’s face it. General Motors is not necessarily good for the country these days. In fact, GM isn’t really very good for itself or its stockholders.

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Facing the Sad Reality of Divorce

It’s that time of year for wonderful wedding celebrations. In many ways I think that this June, after 17 years of marriage myself, I am more committed than ever to the sacredness and significance of marriage, something I’ve written about so many times. So then this June finds me living a terrible irony: I’m passionate about the importance of marriage – but my husband has, sadly, ended our marriage and I will soon be divorced.

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Looking for an Exit

Even as the White House insists all is going well in Iraq, dismay at the continued inability of U.S.-led coalition forces and the new Iraqi government to suppress the insurgency is spreading in Congress.

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Momentum Builds For Election Reform

Nearly five years after the chaos of Election 2000, angry citizens still storm Capitol Hill and statehouses to demand investigations and changes to the electoral process while task forces continue to churn out recommendations for reform.

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Downing Street Memo a Growing Problem for Bush

House Democrats opposed to the Iraq war came together Thursday to draw more public attention to the so-called “Downing Street Memo,” the British government document that advised Prime Minister Tony Blair that President Bush was determined to invade Iraq nearly a year before the war was launched.

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Is Dubya’s War Machine Running on Empty?

President Bush faces increasing opposition to his war in Iraq not only from the American people, but also from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress but the stubborn President continues to defy those who dare oppose him with threats of vetoes and arbitrary punishment and depends on blind support from GOP Congressional leaders to club opposition into submission.

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