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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Congress Moves to Leave Prisoners Limp

Lawmakers moved Tuesday to eliminate federal payments for Viagra and other drugs that treat impotence, as a federal agency warned states that they could face sanctions if they don’t end Medicaid coverage for such drugs for convicted sex offenders.

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Who Won? Who Lost?

A compromise by its very nature means each party to the agreement wins a little and loses a little. But occasionally, like in the deal hammered out late Monday to avoid a confrontation over Senate filibusters, one side wins more than the other.

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Missed Opportunity

It’s high time that we say a good word about the crucial job that is being done by President Bush’s best international policymaking appointment – his designee to mobilize U.S. efforts to win hearts and minds in the Muslim world, Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Karen Hughes. There is only one thing that is stopping us today from saying a good word about the job she’s done since her appointment was announced with due fanfare March 15 – she hasn’t started doing it yet and officials say she won’t begin until this fall.

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In the End It Was a Power Struggle

Imagine a society that makes many of its most important decisions in the following manner: a tiny number of citizens are anointed members of a priestly caste, which has the power to determine the society’s most fundamental rules.

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Extremism Loses a Round

It didn’t take long for the Senate filibuster agreement to have an effect. First thing the following morning, the Senate cleared the way for an up or down vote 0 and it will be up – next week on Priscilla Owen’s four-year-old nomination to the Fifth Circuit Court.

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