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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Republicans and Their Porno King & Queen

According to some propaganda that showed up in the mailbox recently from the Republican National Committee, the GOP is “reaching out” to new constituencies in an effort to “broaden their base.” Saw evidence of that this week when news broke that porn star Mary Carey will attend the June 14th President’s Dinner sponsored by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

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Laura: Why Wasn’t George Told?

First Lady Laura Bush says her husband should have been interrupted during his biking trip last week to be told that the White House and Capitol were under an emergency evacuation.

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Showdown at the Senate Corral

With time running out, a small group of lawmakers said on Thursday they were inching toward a deal to avert a historic Senate confrontation that could strip Democrats of their power to block President Bush’s most conservative judicial nominees.

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Another Nail in the Media Coffin?

Aside from the death, destruction and lasting damage to American interests it sparked, the other tragedy in Newsweek magazine’s misjudgment in printing an apparently unverifiable item about desecration of the Koran by the U.S. military is the harm done to the credibility of the nation’s press. It is just more fuel for those who in increasing numbers allege that this country’s media is biased, unfair and irresponsible.

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A Sell-Out on the Patriot Act

Senate Republicans seem to be prepared to rubber-stamp the Bush administration’s request that the law be given a blanket renewal. And they would go even further and give the FBI broad new powers to issue subpoenas without first getting approval from a judge or grand jury.

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EPA Flushes Sewage Dumping Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday that it will dump its much-criticized proposal to allow municipal sewage agencies to release partially treated sewage during wet weather.

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Another Sweetheart Deal for Boeing

The House Armed Services Committee early Thursday approved an amendment to its $441 billion defense authorization bill that could help protect the Boeing Co. from foreign competition for the building of midair refueling planes.

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