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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Darwin Goes on Trial in Kansas

A six-day courtroom-style debate opened on Thursday in Kansas over what children should be taught in schools about the origin of life — was it natural evolution or did God create the world?

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Dems May Delay Vote on Bolton

Democrats called on the Bush administration to turn over documents for a Senate committee’s probe of John Bolton on Thursday, and hinted they may try to delay a vote on his nomination for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

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Say What?

It’s hard to imagine two more controversial men headlining the annual National Day of Prayer events at a Capitol Hill caucus room.

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Fat Fantasy

“Some Extra Heft May Be Helpful.” That New York Times headline summarizes the tasty tale the media have fed you based on a new study that says the spare tire around your waist may actually give you more mileage in life. Moreover, declared the report, annual U.S. deaths from overweight and obesity are merely 25,814, while the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate for deaths from “poor diet and physical inactivity” is 365,000 – 14 times higher.

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