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Friday, June 25, 2021

A Walk on the Sleazy Side of News

Thus it came to pass this weekend that, instead of spending precious air time covering, say, the battle over the future of Social Security, cable news devoted most of its resources to its two favorite story lines: Celebrity Justice, and Photogenic White Girl in Distress.

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Political Hyprocrisy Rules Debate Over Judge’s Nomination

Time was, Republicans buried Bill Clinton’s judicial picks by the dozen in the Senate Judiciary Committee and Democrats indignantly demanded a yes-or-no vote for each. That was then. This is now, when Democrats block a far smaller number of President Bush’s court nominees – and Republicans heatedly insist the Constitution itself requires a vote.

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U.S. Military Overtaxed by Iran, Afghan Wars

The U.S. military may not be able to win any new wars as quickly as planned because the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have strained its manpower and resources, the nation’s top military officer told Congress in a classified report.

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The Illusion of ‘Political Capital’

Bush blew his political capital on a flawed Social Security program that – like his war against Iraq – did not have the facts to back up his assumptions and then added insult to injury with a stupid political stunt in the Teri Schiavo debacle and compounded his problems with the nomination of an arrogant, stubborn hothead like himself as ambassador to the United Nation.

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