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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

TSA Failed to Train Airport Screeners

A congressional report released Monday criticized the Transportation Security Administration for failing to come up with a standard to measure the quality of its airport screeners and for not providing them the training they were promised.

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Former Reagan Officials Fault U.S. Security

Safeguards enacted after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks may have damaged long-term national security goals by making it harder for foreign visitors to enter the United States, two former high-ranking Reagan administration officials say.

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If the Dems Could Just Get Their Act Together

Normally a presidential job-approval rating as low as George W. Bush’s would be an indication of impending doom for his second-term legislative agenda and to his party’s fortunes in the congressional elections next year. Recent polls show Bush’s overall rating as low as it has ever been, around 47 percent.

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Justice Kennedy Draws Conservative Ire

Justice Anthony Kennedy – a conservative by background but a swing vote on social issues _ has become the poster boy, on the part of those calling for President Bush’s most controversial judicial nominees to confirmed by the U.S. Senate, for why the president should get to install judges he really wants rather than capitulate to liberals and moderates.

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