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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Curse of Affirmative Action

A university president will be blamed for not scouring Earth with enough fervor to find the brilliant Latina lesbian in a wheelchair that his institution, once again, failed to hire. He will be blamed for every “incident” of “racial insensitivity” that proves his campus still fails to provide a “welcoming environment” for people who do not share the tragic legacy of his birth, in all its egregious whiteness and maleness.

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OK. Who Left Bush Out of the Loop?

Recently, President Bush gave us perhaps an unintentionally candid look at policy-making in his administration. And, despite his aides’ insistence that the president disdains newspapers, it turns out he does read them and closely, too.

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Bulldozing Away a Place Called Home

When I ask my students to write about landscapes that they know best, almost always they write about places where they played as children — ditches, vacant lots, field edges, “waste” places.

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A Comedian Who Isn’t Funny

The other day when I was puttering around on my home computer, somebody turned on a nearby TV, George Carlin was telling jokes and I noticed two things.  First, he was not funny. Second, there was a knock, knock, knock – or let’s put it this way: He gave me a sense of something ominous beckoning to enter the room.

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Bush Pushes Energy Bill

Faced with a worsening energy situation that could threaten the nation’s fiscal well-being, President Bush is pushing lawmakers to take steps to curtail the U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

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