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Saturday, June 12, 2021

IRS lies about refusal to release records

The Internal Revenue Service recently refused to provide two university researchers with records requested under the Freedom of Information Act while simultaneously asserting, “We are not denying the release” of the documents.

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Congress passes stricter bankruptcy law

A crucial deadline looms a half-year away for thousands of anxious Americans weighed down by credit card and other debt following congressional passage of a measure making it tougher to erase obligations in bankruptcy.

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Big Brother wants to get even bigger

The federal government wants to build massive databases containing information on you, insisting that it’s in your best interests. But privacy advocates are concerned about the potential for abuse.

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Parenting and fear

One of my biggest fears is raising children who are afraid of their world or, worse, raising children who think the reason they live such protected lives is because they are the center of their world. I just hope I give them enough independence to be confident about their world and rightly see their place in it – even when that’s a little scary for me.

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Negroponte’s mission impossible

Good luck, Ambassador Negroponte. You will need all you can get if you are to succeed in resolving the turf wars and breaking down the barriers that have led to so many failures in national intelligence gathering.

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Too much information

Just as cars have become larger, hungrier and uglier, license plates have become ever more crowded, kitschier, and increasingly divorced from their original function. Instead of trying to compete with “Famous Potatoes” (Idaho), “The Land of Enchantment” (New Mexico) and the “Birthplace of Aviation” (Ohio), let the state’s very name be its own badge of honor.

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