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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Land of the not-so-free

According to those who started this so-called experiment in Democracy more than two centuries ago, America is the land of the free where citizens are able to speak their minds and oppose their government. Guess George W. Bush and his storm troopers missed that part of American history. Which explains why the Bush administration works overtime to stop anyone who dares oppose their narrow view of the world.

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Silencing the opposition

Members of Congress from both parties have raised sharp questions about the exclusion of political opponents from two taxpayer-funded appearances by President Bush. Three people were ejected from the president’s Social Security town hall meeting in Denver March 21 after they arrived in a car with a “No more blood for oil” bumper sticker. The Denver incident happened after a list was discovered in Fargo, N.D., naming 42 people to be barred from a Bush speech there in February attended by 8,000 people.

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Remembering John Paul II

Truly an era has come to an end with the death of John Paul II. He was a towering religious figure and a pivotal political force in the 20th century, having lived under two of that time’s greatest evils – fascism and communism.

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American presidents sought face time with Pope

Five American presidents in a row eagerly sought audiences with Pope John Paul II, even when the pontiff expressed strong opposition to some of their policies, such as President Clinton’s support for abortion rights and President Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

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How much is a missile defense system worth?

Congress is weighing how much to invest in the fledgling ballistic missile defense system, which has suffered setbacks and whose cost could easily top the $150 billion partial price tag the Bush administration has estimated.

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Ad campaign targets Bush Social Security plan

A new organization created to defeat President Bush’s plans for Social Security intends to open a television ad campaign this week depicting the proposal as the tip of an iceberg that will cut benefits and raise the national debt.

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DeLay’s support slides on his home turf

Support for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has slipped in his district, and a majority of voters surveyed disapprove of his decision to lead Congress into the Terri Schiavo case, according to a Houston Chronicle poll.

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