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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Outsourcing parental duties

I have hired people to entertain my children at their birthday parties. I have had trusted baby sitters take them to the movies or out to lunch, sometimes even movies and lunch, so I could get things done at home. I have turned the training my girls desire in gardening and sewing skills entirely over to my sister, because where I kill and destroy she creates and grows.

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Somehow, ‘dead wrong’ just doesn’t cover it

It’s clear that the intelligence community, in the absence of hard information pointing one way or another – what little data it did have the commission called “either worthless or misleading” – told the White House what it wanted to hear.

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Who? Us?

Two former CIA chiefs on Friday disputed claims cited by a presidential commission that agency officials warned them that the government’s leading source on Iraq’s biological weapons had a reputation for making things up.

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Presidential hopefuls lie a lot

Politicians invariably answer the question about presidential ambitions by saying it’s too early. Or they’re too busy to be thinking about running. Or they’re too focused on being re-elected senator or House member or governor. Don’t believe them.

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Bush snubs Lott

President Bush, apparently brushing aside a stall tactic by Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., appointed the nine-member commission that will determine military bases closings without waiting for Senate confirmation.

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