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Bush’s Made-for-TV Press Event

The White House was so anxious to have it on all four major networks that it was willing at the last minute to move up the press conference a half hour. (Even so, two networks cut away with two questions left to go.)

Some FAQs on Military Base Closings

In the next two weeks, military communities across the country will learn whether the Pentagon wants to close their hometown bases, modify missions or leave them just the way they are.

Iraqi Prisoner ‘Leash Lady’ Cops Plea

Lynndie England, the U.S. soldier pictured holding a naked Iraqi detainee on a leash in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal that damaged U.S. credibility around the world, will plead guilty next week to most charges against her, her lawyer said on Friday.

Senate Staff Interviews Bolton Critic

The Senate committee weighing John Bolton's troubled nomination for U.N. ambassador on Friday interviewed former deputy CIA director John McLaughlin, who has been described as having clashed with Bolton on intelligence analyses.

Congress Approves Big Bucks Budget

The U.S. Congress on Thursday approved a $2.6 trillion budget plan for next year that calls for new tax cuts and spending reductions over the next five years.

Barry Goldwater’s Warning

Shortly after his 1964 monumental presidential loss, the late Sen. Barry Goldwater, icon of the Republican conservative movement, made a self-deprecating speech to the Gridiron Club that still stands as one of the funniest and most important of its kind. While the humor was sharp and caustic, the fact that he could deliver it without bitterness revealed a side of him that, had it been disclosed earlier, might have prevented the disintegration of his campaign and the near-demise of his party.

Republican Flip Flop on Tom DeLay

After the House ethics committee admonished Republican leader Tom DeLay three times last year, the House GOP leadership vowed that wasn't going to happen again.

One of The Lucky Ones

It is good to be home. It is even better to be home in one piece. There is, I will admit, a little bit of guilt associated with both of these feelings. I am sitting where so many men and women I've come to know over the past month would like to be. And I know some of them, regrettably, will not be as lucky in returning home in the same shape.

Strange Bedfellows Battle National ID Plan

A coalition of 600 organizations reflecting views across the political spectrum on Thursday launched a last-minute lobbying blitz urging Congress to scuttle a proposal to federalize driver's licenses.

Bush Bets His Future on Social Security

With his approval numbers headed for the dumpster, President Bush on Thursday attempted to break a political deadlock on overhauling Social Security with a proposal to limit the growth in future benefits for wealthier Americans and protect the benefits of low-income workers.