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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The GOP’s broken Contract With America

Ten years ago, the Republican Party shocked political pundits by seizing control of both the House and Senate in Congress. They swept into office on a wave of promises called the Contract for America. A decade later, nobody in the GOP mentions the so-called contract. It, like so many political promises, lies forgotten in the dustbin of history. From the moment they took control of Congress, the Republicans started reneging on their contract.

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Facing the truth about Tom DeLay

Belatedly but undeniably, Washington’s Republicans are beginning to see the light. They see it every time they look into a mirror – and see the unsmiling, unapologetic mug of Tom DeLay looking back at them. The House Majority Hammer has become the face of Republican Ethics – and it is not a pretty face. Politically, it is a downright ugly face, and finally, Republicans are beginning to get it. First on Main Street, then on K Street and finally, last Monday, on Wall Street, Republicans have been saying things that show they understand what regular people understood before them. DeLay has made himself the poster-pol for Washington’s standard ethical double standard: What is OK for me is attackable for you. Or, as I’ve said before: Ethics DeLayed is ethics denied.

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U.S. limits info at Gitmo

The U.S. military has temporarily stopped providing the specific allegations against individual terror suspects who appear before hearings at Guantanamo Bay, officials said Tuesday.

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Intel agencies need to share info

President Bush’s commission on weapons of mass destruction is expected to call on U.S. intelligence agencies to take steps to ensure information flows more freely among them, breaking down long-standing barriers and cultures of secrecy, federal officials say.

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Bush, DeLay buddy under investigation

Auditors questioned whether a tiny U.S. territory in the Pacific got its money’s worth when it paid millions of dollars to the firm of a lobbyist now under investigation for his work for Indian tribes. Jack Abramoff, who has ties to President Bush and No. 2 House Republican Tom DeLay, was the lead lobbyist for Seattle-based firm Preston Gates & Ellis when it worked on behalf of the Northern Mariana Islands to keep them free from certain U.S. labor and immigration laws during the last half of the 1990s, according to reviews conducted by the islands’ public auditors.

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