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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Debating with his fists

Congress has its share of bullies but few match the bombastic belligerence of James Moran (D-VA). Whether it’s attacking other members of Congress on the floor of the House or his wife, Moran is a man who believes in debating with his fists. Moran was an amateur boxer in his youth and told Washingtonian Magazine that had he not become a politician, he might have tried professional boxing because
“I like to hit people.”

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Another lie from the Bush administration

Fran Townsend, President Bush’s homeland security adviser, recently told the American Bar Association that the White House encouraged a wide-ranging “honest” debate over renewing the USA Patriot Act but that White House support for renewing the act intact is “unequivocal,” meaning the administration has no intention of listening to the act’s many critics.

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Tom DeLay deserves what he is getting

Certainly the Texan has used a sharp blade, despite his “Hammer” nickname, to cut a mighty swath through the lower chamber, rising from a button man (that Mafia term also seems fitting) to a take-no-prisoners capo as GOP whip to the under-boss second only to Speaker Dennis Hastert. During that rise, his enemies have multiplied about as quickly as his friends, many of whom, if they could be candid, would concede not only nervousness about his ability to survive an onslaught of questionable activities but also some degree of intimidation in their professed support.

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More media event than substance

Hours before Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco and other big-name former and current players arrived for Thursday’s congressional inquiry into steroid abuse in Major League Baseball, the line to get into the House Government Reform Committee hearing snaked along one long, marble hallway of the Rayburn House Office Building and around a corner.

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Baseball goes scoreless on Capitol Hill

Thursday’s congressional hearing on baseball and steroids didn’t elicit any earth-shattering confession or dramatic bombshell. But it did showcase several hours of emotional testimony and spirited exchanges between witnesses and members of the House Government Reform committee before overflow crowds spilling down the hallway of the Rayburn Building.

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