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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The most corrupt member of Congress?

Here’s a challenge. Try to find the most corrupt member of Congress. Yeah, I know, trying to identify the most corrupt member of the House or Senate is like trying to determine how many women Bill Clinton screwed in the White House. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is certainly a leading candidate. Money laundering, fraud, abuse of campaign laws, payoffs from lobbyists whose legislation he supported. DeLay’s list of crimes goes on and on. But DeLay is an amateur when it comes to the antics of Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla), a real piece of work who has left business partners holding the bag for her misdeeds, eluded creditors, filed false financial disclosure reports and lied to the Internal Revenue Service.

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DeLay tactics

The House leadership forced out the Ethics Committee chairman, Rep. Joel Heffley of Colorado, an exemplar of the Republican right but, alas, too independent-minded to suit the leadership. They changed the rules to make it easier to block ethics investigations. And, for good measure, they installed two close DeLay allies on the panel, Reps. Lamar Smith of Texas and Tom Cole of Oklahoma, who raise big money for DeLay’s political action and legal defense funds.

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Another day, another $81.4 billion

President Bush got most of the money he wanted for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as the House approved a $81.4 billion measure Wednesday, pushing the total cost for fighting terrorism over $300 billion.

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Oops! We didn’t mean to do that

It was a mistake for Hawaii to post a confidential report on terror attack scenarios on its Web site, but it won’t keep the Homeland Security Department from alerting state and local authorities about potential threats, the agency’s chief said Wednesday.

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Another conflict of interest in DeLay scandal

A House ethics committee member helped raise money for a Texas political committee associated with Majority Leader Tom DeLay, presenting a possible conflict if the congressional panel investigates DeLay’s role in a fund-raising controversy.

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