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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Ridge tried to strong-arm watchdog

The Homeland Security Department’s former independent watchdog says he was twice summoned to then-Secretary Tom Ridge’s office last year and asked why his reports criticizing the agency were being sent to Congress and whether they could be presented more favorably to the department.

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Stuck with Social Security

I wish Social Security had been set on track toward a sustainable financial future years ago, when it might have done me some good. But I turned 65 in December, and now I’m stuck with it.

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Unions muscle into Social Security fight

The AFL-CIO, which represents 13 million workers in unions including Peterson’s, has been buoyed by its success in recent weeks in pressuring two prominent financial services companies, Edward Jones & Co. and Waddell & Reed, through letter-writing campaigns, private talks and threatened pickets, to drop membership in a trade association that promotes the private accounts concept.

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