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Friday, September 17, 2021

Yes, Virginia, Democratic women are better in bed

I’ve had extensive dealings with Republicans and can vouch for their sexual repression.  More importantly, I conducted exhaustive research into the sexuality of women of all political persuasions during the 1970s when I was single. While my records are not detailed enough to provide an exact number, the size of the sample was larger than that used by most polls for forecast the winners of elections. And my extensive, probing research into the depths of female political sexuality support the theory that Democratic women are a hell of a lot more fun in the sack than the iceberg queens of the GOP.

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NSA outlines plans for spying on Americans

The nation’s electronic intelligence agency warned President Bush in 2001 that monitoring U.S. adversaries would require a “permanent presence” on networks that also carry Americans’ messages that are protected from government eavesdropping.

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