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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Blogger gets White House press pass

With an official credential hanging from his neck, a young man stepped into the White House briefing room Monday as perhaps the first blogger to cover the daily press briefings. He found the surroundings to be dilapidated and cramped and concluded that his morning at the White House was “remarkably uneventful.”

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Another FBI screwup?

An FBI crime lab technique used for decades to match bullets to crimes – and relied on by prosecutors in hundreds of criminal trials – is based on “erroneous scientific foundations,” a New Jersey appeals court has ruled.

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No compassion from this conservative

Last week, President Bush issued eight pardons, the first of his second term. That brings to 39 the total of clemency orders during his presidency. It’s hardly a record of compassion, conservative or otherwise.

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A PMS hissy-fit

How embarrassing! The U.S. delegation to a U.N. conference on women’s rights acted a bit too much like every man’s nightmarish version of a woman commandeered by a PMS hissy-fit.

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