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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Just kidding

A congressman who raised eyebrows with recent remarks about personally wanting to drop a nuclear bomb on Syria now says he was joking.

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A rocker running the World Bank?

Treasury Secretary John Snow on Sunday would not rule out the idea of Irish singer Bono, an activist on debt relief and AIDS, making the short list of potential candidates to lead the World Bank even though an American is expected to get the job.

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Long day’s journey into light

A series of events led me from the intoxicating world of politics, bolstered by a steady diet of scotch, and into a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. I sobered up and took a hard look at the world around me. What I saw sickened me and reminded me of that day many years ago when I looked at the haters and bigots of Prince Edward County and decided “this isn’t right and something has to be done.” It’s been 10 years, nine months and one day since I walked into that first AA meeting and it took a while to rid my body of the toxins of alcohol and politics but as the corruption of both departed and my mind cleared, I realized that one could not fight the problems of the world by working for the demons that perpetuate those problems.

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