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Friday, June 25, 2021

Hell hath no fury like a bunch of pissed old farts

Long simultaneously hailed and reviled as one of Washington’s most effective and self-centered special-interest groups, AARP is at it again – causing fits for President Bush and congressional Republicans after, ironically, handing them a big political victory. The organization, until recently known as the American Association of Retired Persons, is providing shock troops in the national guerrilla war against the president’s proposal to divert a portion of Social Security taxes into private accounts.

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Army screwed the pooch on Iraqi prisoner abuse probe

The unidentified Florida National Guardsman called it “Ramadi Madness” – a compilation of videos depicting his unit’s time in Iraq. But some of the images were investigated as possible detainee abuse, including one recording of a soldier kicking a wounded, moaning Iraqi.

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Bush budget brings more deficits

President Bush’s budget would keep federal deficits over $200 billion annually over the next decade, Congress’ top budget analyst said Friday in a report raising doubts about White House efforts to contain the shortfalls.

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Guess this means war

A new Social Security war room inside the Treasury Department is pumping out information to sell President Bush’s plan, much like any political campaign might do.

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Another Cold War relic bites the dust

The backscatter radar in Maine, and a similar system reaching out into the Pacific from Oregon, could bounce a beam off the ionosphere, which sent a scattered detection signal back to the Earth’s surface. The systems were so sensitive, they could note changes in ocean currents.

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