In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Sunday, December 5, 2021

Dubya to the rescue?

President Bush is trying to shore up the electoral prospects of two Republican lawmakers who are getting heat over his plan to overhaul Social Security.

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Second thoughts

The Supreme Court decision eliminating the death penalty for killers who committed their crimes when they were under 18 clearly reflects a growing public uneasiness about capital punishment per se. That disenchantment has been growing in leaps and bounds with the development of technology that has cast doubt on the validity of executions in a civilized society.

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Finally, a real issue to get Wasington tongues wagging

The national capital tries to be a serious city; it really does, as it grapples with weighty matters of governance. But occasionally that serious expression slips and Washington is revealed to have all the sophistication of a watermelon-eating contest at the county fair.

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Osama? Oh, yeah, we’re still after him

President Bush broke from his custom of ignoring Osama bin Laden in public on Thursday, offering assurance that the United States remains “on a constant hunt” for the Saudi terrorist and that the administration is still vigilant in warding off potential threats.

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True patriotism

As an American, I not only have the right but also the obligation to be critical of my government if — and when — I feel it has failed in its service to the citizens.

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