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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Damn, this spy stuff is hard work

In a rare public appearance Wednesday, CIA Director Porter Goss said he is overwhelmed by the many duties of his job, including devoting five hours out of every day to prepare for and deliver intelligence briefings to President Bush.

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Capturing bin Laden: Are we up to the job?

Osama bin Laden remains Public Enemy No. 1 but recent developments raise questions about the ability of U.S. forces to track down the elusive terrorist and the resources dedicated to the hunt more than three years after the Sept. 11 attacks.

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Old enough to die?

Determining the age of acceptable execution is a gruesome task, but if there is to be a death penalty, some entity has to do it.

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Another fraud used to justify war

The image is as disturbing and iconic as any seen during the many decades of the Arab-Israeli conflict: Mohammed al-Durra, just 12 years old, caught in a cross-fire in Gaza, trembling against a wall, his father desperately attempting to shield him. And then, heartbreakingly, Mohammed al-Durra, shot and killed by Israeli gunfire.

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Monster’s Ball

Listen to the shrill harpies who spout propaganda from either the Democratic or Republican parties and you hear pretty much the same thing. “We’re for America,” they claim, “and they’re not.” They, of course, being the other party.

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