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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Former Fed Fined for Tapole Tampering

A former federal wildlife manager who says he moved about 400 protected tadpoles from a backyard pond to a refuge for their own safety has agreed to pay a $3,500 fine to avoid a criminal charge, his lawyer said.

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A New Way to Sell Votes

Lawmakers traditionally escape Washington winters by signing on to lobbyist-sponsored junkets at exclusive, warm-weather resorts. Now, in a new twist on an old routine, they’re inviting lobbyists and other supporters to join them on weekend retreats in exchange for political donations.

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Betrayal From a Friend

Without George W. Bush knowing it, a friend taped private conversations with him, has now made some of those tapes available to The New York Times and a moral lapse has been revealed. It was nothing Bush said. The lapse is the friend’s betrayal of Bush’s trust.

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Trial Lawyers Lose a Big One

Thanks to a generous sprinkling of Democrats, Congress handed President Bush a significant political victory with passage of class-action-lawsuit reform, but it is hardly the landmark turning point in jurisprudence that backers claim. Nor will it slam the courthouse door on the little guy, as critics claim.

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Too Long Coming

On March 2, at 2 p.m. in the U.S. Capitol, official Washington will do something right. Also, long overdue.

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Time to Honor Our Friends

Not to encourage the greeting-card industry into more spasms of sentimentality, but what this nation needs is a Friends Day. We have a Mother’s Day, a Father’s Day, a Valentine’s Day, a Groundhog Day, a St. Patrick’s Day and many other days that you could stay up nights trying to remember.

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