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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Hollow Appointment to a Sham Job

The elephant in the room that was utterly ignored during President Bush’s introduction of John Negroponte as his nominee for the new post of director of national intelligence was, of course, the FBI. In assuring reporters and those watching on television that Negroponte would have his ear and his strong support, the president talked only in terms of the CIA.

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Politics, Lies & Audio Tape

The problem with technology – and one that will only get worse – is that the past never truly goes away; it is apt to return in odd and unexpected ways.

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AIDS Research Money Running Low

While researchers around the world are trying to develop a vaccine for AIDS, money problems require new collaborations to carry out research, disease experts said Monday.

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Howard Hughes Would Be Proud

There is something on Capitol Hill that is almost as important as daily briefings, polls and wireless Blackberries. It sits in senators’ leather briefcases, unassuming. Members of Congress keep it close on their desks, next to pictures of their wives. And press secretaries pass it around to colleagues in meetings, along with copies of the morning paper.

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