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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Life After High School

In its latest report, the always-valuable organization Public Agenda has surveyed young Americans to find out what they think about “Life After High School.” Specifically, the organization wanted to know how young people make decisions about what to do after they graduate. Go to college? Get a job?

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Whatever Happened to States’ Rights?

President Bush’s backing of a bill to toughen standards for more than 190 million state-issued driver’s licenses is igniting a states’-rights tussle. Privacy advocates are already protesting that the measure is a step toward turning driver’s licenses into national ID cards.

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Dubya Claims He’s Willing to Listen

President Bush promised to listen to “any good idea” for fixing Social Security on Saturday as he sought to coax reluctant lawmakers into joining his effort to overhaul the retirement program.

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Dean Gets Nod to Head DNC

Howard Dean, whose high-flying presidential bid collapsed in disarray one year ago, won the post of Democratic chairman on Saturday and promised an aggressive drive to mobilize voters and rebuild the party “from the grass roots up.”

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