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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Bush Names Buddy to Olympics Board

President Bush on Thursday named his Yale classmate and former business partner in the Texas Rangers baseball team to be a member of the board of directors of the New York Committee on the Olympic Games.

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Dems Pissed Over GOP Ethics Panel Picks

House Democratic leaders on Thursday sought removal of two recently appointed
Republicans from the ethics committee, questioning whether their judgment would
be influenced by contributions to Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s legal defense

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Memo Spat Delays Chertoff Confirmation

A Democratic senator is delaying the nomination of Michael Chertoff as Homeland Security secretary to protest the Justice Department’s refusal to provide a secret FBI memo on terror suspect interrogations.

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Dujbya’s Approval Ratings Take a Dive

The public’s confidence in President Bush’s job performance and the nation’s direction has slipped in the opening weeks of his second term, particularly among people 50 and older, according to an Associated Press poll.

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GOP Senate Sets Limits to Class Action Lawsuits

In a major victory for President Bush and corporations, the Senate on Thursday voted 72-26 for a bipartisan bill that would restrict multimillion-dollar national class-action lawsuits by forcing them out of state courts and before federal judges.

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