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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Revisiting a Bygone Era

AT&T’s demise evokes thoughts of a more civilized age of communication. “AT&T,” after all, stands for the once awe-inspiring American Telephone & Telegraph Co.

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Republicans Balk at Bush Budget Cuts

President Bush’s proposed spending cuts drew worried criticism on Tuesday from the Republican heads of congressional budget committees, and key party members said his priorities were not binding.

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GOP Leaders Try to Sell Bush Budget

White House officials and Congress’ top budget writers tried rallying support Tuesday for President Bush’s $2.57 trillion budget, but cracks in Republican unity showed as lawmakers digested the plan’s proposed spending cuts.

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Dubya Faces Fight Over Farm Subsidies

The idea behind President Bush’s proposal to limit crop subsidies is to stop big corporate farming operations from gobbling up most of the government payments, but smaller farmers say they’d be hurt too.

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