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Saturday, January 22, 2022

How Bush’s Budget Impacts Americans

Commuters may have to dig deeper into their pockets to get to work, farmers might have to work longer hours during the spring planting season and veterans could see a hike in health-care costs under the 2006 federal budget officially unveiled by President Bush on Monday.

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Reid to Bush: Disavow GOP Attack Dogs

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid on Monday urged President Bush to stop the Republican National Committee from calling him an obstructionist and criticizing his Senate record, a tactic the GOP used to help defeat Reid’s predecessor.

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What Dubya Isn’t Telling Us About His Budget

Bush’s claim to cut government red ink in half over five years omits the cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq beyond Sept. 30. It reckons, implausibly, that neither he nor the Republicans who control Congress will want new tax cuts in future years.

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Dean Now Unopposed for DNC Chair

Tim Roemer, the only remaining opponent of Howard Dean in the race to be chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said Monday he’s bowing out of the race – but he offered a warning to Democrats.

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Election Prep Never Stops

For the voters, the 2000 elections are long over and done with. For the top state officials responsible for making the voting run smoothly, the work has never stopped.

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Bush Budget Faces Tough Political Fight

President Bush says he has produced a “lean” $2.57 trillion spending plan that would promote his key goals of fighting terrorism and protecting the homeland while seeking to weed out ineffective government programs. But critics are complaining about the president’s priorities and charging that the budget is more notable for what has been left out.

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