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Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Iraq Miracle

Imagine children rushing to their presents on Christmas morning and then being stopped and scolded by a parent reminding them that their vacation will be over soon enough and then there will be school to go to again and lots of homework.

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Detainees Deserve Their Day in Court

Last summer, in an important but limited ruling and over the protests of the Bush administration, the Supreme Court said that the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detainees had the right to appeal their detention in the U.S. courts.

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State of the Disunion

In another place, where the central heating is very hot, the Prince of Darkness (no, not Bill O’Reilly) will deliver an alternative address to the citizens of that grim abode. This will be his annual State of Disunion address, relating how America fared in the Seven Deadly Sins department in 2004.

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Can’t Get It Up? Now Medicare Can Help

Sexual performance drugs such as Viagra will be covered in Medicare’s new prescription drug program, a lifestyle rather than lifesaving benefit that conservatives and watchdog groups say the government shouldn’t provide.

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Videotapes Show Widespread Prisoner Abuse at Gitmo

Videotapes of riot squads subduing troublesome terror suspects at the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay show the guards punching some detainees, tying one to a gurney for questioning and forcing a dozen to strip from the waist down, according to a secret report. One squad was all-female, traumatizing some Muslim prisoners.

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Scandal-scarred NIH Tightens Ethics Rules

The National Institutes of Health hopes to end controversy over possible conflicts of interest by banning its scientists from working as paid consultants for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and similar businesses.

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