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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Celebrex Ads Misleading

Advertisements for the arthritis drug Celebrex were misleading and unsubstantiated, overstating the pain reliever’s benefits and understating the risks, the government said Wednesday.

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Ridge Took Care of His Cronies

The day after President Bush named him homeland security secretary, Tom Ridge visited the Arizona home of a friend whose lobbying firm represented companies that were later awarded contracts by Ridge’s department.

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White House Ends Search for WMD That Weren’t There

The White House acknowledged Wednesday that its hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction – a two-year search costing millions of dollars – has closed down without finding the stockpiles that President Bush cited as a justification for overthrowing Saddam Hussein. Bush’s spokesman said the president had no regrets about invading Iraq.

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The High Cost of Bush’s Second Term

It will take President Bush less than a minute to take the oath of office next Thursday, but before the inaugural events are over some $40 million may be spent on parades, parties and pyrotechnics.

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