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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Self-Indulgent Excess

Somehow it just seems a bad time to be spending $40 million on an inauguration – not counting extra millions spent on security – even if most of it is private money. Is this really the image America needs to be projecting right now?

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Water Systems Vulnerable to Attack

Water utilities have installed computer-based remote controls “with little attention paid to security,” leaving valves, pumps and chemical mixers for water supplies vulnerable to cyber-attack, according to an Environmental Protection Agency report.

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NIH Conceals Conflicts of Interest

Two of the government’s premier infectious disease researchers are collecting royalties on an AIDS treatment they’re testing on patients using taxpayer money. But patients weren’t told on their consent forms about the financial connection.

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CIA Clamps Down on Authors

The CIA is drafting new rules for agency employees who want to become authors following publication of a controversial critique of the war on terror by a counterterrorism official who headed the unit tracking Osama bin Laden.

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Bush Threatens Social Security Plan Opponents

A cocky President Bush issued a threat to opponents of his Social Security plan Monday, saying the key to getting the overhaul through Congress is to convince a majority there is a long-term problem and making sure opponents don’t frighten seniors into believing their checks are going to be cut.

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