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Monday, December 6, 2021

Unfair and unbalanced

Al Franken’s idea of humor and political incisiveness seems to be to say people are liars and to point to a well-known conservative as fat, but if that sort of juvenilia is something short of praiseworthy, so was a Fox News lawsuit.

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Dems say Dubya is another Hoover

Democrats marked the Labor Day weekend by attacking President Bush’s record on jobs, declaring the country had suffered the worst job losses under Bush’s tenure since Herbert Hoover was president during the Depression.

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Boeing lobbied hard for tanker deal

Boeing Co. has aggressively sought help from the White House and Air Force to try to win congressional approval for a multibillion-dollar leasing program for 100 refueling tanker planes, according to internal company documents made public Saturday.

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The war-forever policy

In a recent TV interview, former CIA Director James Woolsey calmly explained what we all have in store for us between now and the mid-2050s.

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