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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Embattled, disgraced Trump recognizes ‘new administration’

In stilted video uploaded to his reactivated Twitter account, Trump did not accept any role in inciting the violence perpetrated by his supporters when they forced the way into the Capitol, inflicting damage as police escorted members of Congress to secure locations. The attack left one Capitol Police Officer dead and an Air Force veteran who posted O’Anon conspiracy theories shot and killed when she tried to force her way into the building.

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Twin wins in Georgia gives Democrats control of the U.S. Senate

A survey of more than 3,700 voters in Tuesday’s contests, found that Black voters made up roughly 30% of the electorate, and almost all of them — 94% — backed Ossoff and Warnock. The Democrats also relied on the backing of younger voters, people earning less than $50,000 annually and newcomers to the state.

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