Playing the illness card

041207wulhner.jpgKentucky state Rep. Addia Wuchner (right) wants everyone to know that she’s beating cancer.

She wants to make sure people understand that chemotherapy is wicked, that it steals your hair, your eyebrows, even your toenails, but in the end, you will pull through.

Wuchner is revealing the details of her medical file because, as an elected official, she feels an obligation to be open and honest with the people who put her in office.

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To understand Rudy, look at the past

041107rudy.jpgLong before he became mayor of New York or the Republican front-runner for the presidency, Rudy Giuliani made a name for himself as a crime-busting federal prosecutor in Manhattan, taking on the mob and white-collar criminals in a manner that hinted of bigger things to come.

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Hillary, Rudy still hold leads

041007hillary.jpgLatest polling in the 2008 White House campaign shows Hillary Clinton (left) leading a three-way race for the Democratic nomination, while Rudolph Giuliani heads the Republican field, with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney showing early signs of a surge.

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John McCain’s falling star


040907mccain.jpgSenator John McCain, long seen as a likely favorite on the Republican side in the 2008 US presidential race, is scrambling to overhaul his campaign strategy as he lags in fundraising and in the polls.

With disappointing fundraising data just out and 19 months still to go before the 2008 vote, McCain’s campaign chief has pledged to do whatever it takes to battle back.

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It’s still anyone’s Presidential race

Gov. Mitt Romney (AP)


The GOP presidential race can be summed up this way: three strong contenders and a hunger for someone else. “There’s no question that there’s a very open field,” said Ken Mehlman, a former Republican National Committee chairman. Unlike in 1980, 1988, 1996 and 2000, “there’s not a presumptive front-runner,” he added.

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The Hillary Clinton paradox


Call it the Clinton contradiction. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a political trailblazer, pursuing the precedent-setting achievement of becoming the first female candidate to win the presidency. How, then, did she also become the candidate of the Democratic Party establishment — a title historically attached to less-than-scintillating contenders like John Kerry, Al Gore and Walter Mondale?

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Shaking the money tree


The preliminary first-quarter fund-raising reports from the presidential candidates are out and they come with a shocker: Barack Obama raised $25 million, almost as much as Hillary Rodham Clinton’s $26 million.

That is amazing for a novice on the national scene, one who was basically unknown outside of Illinois just three years ago. Obama also raised the money from 100,000 donors — twice Clinton’s number — giving him quite a mailing list.

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Newt is looking for a candidate to peddle his ideas


Newt Gingrich wants somebody running for president — maybe himself — to embrace his solutions to the nation’s problems.

He’s not thinking about a presidential campaign now, Gingrich insists. Instead, the former House speaker is busy creating ideas, his stock in trade since leaving Congress.

"After Sept. 29, we’ll look," Gingrich said in an interview. "I’m hopeful a number of these ideas are so obviously popular that people will just adopt them."

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Romney’s parallels to JFK

The Providence Journal

In 1960, the junior senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy, surprised political pundits by breaking through the anti-Catholic barrier and winning the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination against the opposition of two long-powerful senators, Hubert Humphrey and Lyndon Johnson.

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Tracking the Richardson buzz


SANTA FE, N.M. — He rules the headlines here.

And Gov. Bill Richardson is starting to get ink in nearby states like Texas, Colorado, Nevada.

So how well does Richardson the Democratic presidential candidate come off in the rest of the nation?

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