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Thursday, December 2, 2021

What kind of government do you want?

The issues that are prominent today in the United States call into question what role government ought to play in dealing with them. Some say as little as possible, others to whatever degree is necessary to meet the needs of the people. Underlying these nostrums often is a fundamentally different understanding of people.

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The Mortgage crisis

Ever fond of escalating every problem into a crisis, the press has declared one with regard to the rapid increase in foreclosures and home loan defaults. The president has weighed in with his remedies and the democrats are lining up their own. For the most part, however, this is a problem for speculators and those who cannot resist the lure of “free money.” More regulation may be needed, but the real crisis is in the attitude of many Americans toward financial responsibility.

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I challenge you

It is my opinion that Americans complain too much and do too little about their own life in general and about politics specifically. It is understandable why we complain so much, less clear why we do so little. As a nation, we hardly even get out fat butts out of the chair one day every other year to vote. Yet we expect that by some miracle they do something right for a change and solve our problems. Insanity is too kind a word for our syndrome.

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Dennis Kucinich for President

This is a call to arms for Democrats, those of you who know our country is headed down the toilet and who hope to see a pulse in their party’s Presidential hopefuls. Hillary Clinton has unquestionably shown that she has the balls, Barrack Obama the charisma, and John Edwards the heart, but the only candidate in the race for President in 2008 that is right on the important issues of the day is Dennis Kucinich. I heartily endorse him and will vote for him.

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America the fearful

“All we have to fear, is fear itself” enjoined President Roosevelt in the face of truly fearsome circumstances. Ever since politicians have worked hard at building a deep reservoir of fear upon which they can prey to gain even more power. But Americans are not wusses, we have shown admirable bravery in the face of extreme danger, so why is this tactic so successful in politics?

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The Sex game

It is becoming increasingly clear that all the preaching of “family values” that has provided the votes necessary to send this nation into a Constitutional crisis were just a cover up for the randy behavior of its proponents. Time after time those most vocal about the perils of “loose morals” were themselves diddling strangers and engaging in the very behaviors they were telling others were morally reprehensible. The next time you hear someone telling you how allowing gays to marry each other would threaten your marriage and the very foundations of America, you are probably going to ask yourself “I wonder what he is covering up?”

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The American dream is a fantasy

As we pause this week to observe the founding of our nation it may not be out of place to point out that “America” is more of a dream than a reality. From its very foundation, it was more something to look forward to than something actually experienced.

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Our 6th rate health care system

46 million Americans have no health care at all. Most of us still receive health insurance through our employer, and most have seen sharp increases in premiums, deductibles and the coverage limits of such policies meaning we have less coverage than ever before at higher costs. Yet health insurers see record profits. It is time to pull ourselves up from the bottom tier and actually DO something about our criminally deficient system. It is time for the candidates running for President to come forth with solutions not more platitudes.

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Do we need “gay pride” anymore?

It is Gay Pride season in most American cities so there will be parades, celebrations, observances, marathon bike rides and other events designed to heighten the awareness of what critics like to call the “gay agenda.” This year it coincides with a growing call to do away with the ban on gays in the military, growing objections over President Bush’s nominee for Surgeon General and increasing acceptance of gays in the fabric of life in America. It is also a time to begin to question whether anything is “so gay” anymore.""

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That elusive kernel of truth

The most elusive kernel of truth is that in the other person’s point of view. It hides behind all those things that are horribly wrong, misshapen and downright evil that shout out to us demanding rejection in the strongest manner.

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