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Thursday, December 2, 2021

In the face of fear

When I noticed that my last article was written unusually long ago, I realized there have been so many words uttered with such intensity and urgency by so many people, that I have been stunned into silence. There is so much fear in the air, so much analyzing, so much yelling, so much nonsense. In the past when that happens in my life I go inward looking for some basic principle that makes sense to me.

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Extreme makeover — national edition

Current proposals for the government to take on the bad debts of financial institutions and guarantee the investments in mutual funds will bring about the most extreme makeover of our economy in the nation’s history. And we are told not to think about it for very long because any delay could lead to the worst depression ever. We are asked to hand over all economic control to a small cadre of unelected officials who cannot be challenged in Congress, the courts or even by the President. This is simply wrong.

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Fool me once ……

It is now clear that the Republicans are reverting to the strategy that sold GW Bush to America in selling the sow’s ear candidacy of McCain and Palin. It doesn’t matter what they know, what policies they may or may not have, what we are being sold once again is the same “we will stand up to ‘them’ and fight for you” nonsense. Never mind that the public knows their last purchase of this sow’s ear left them broke, despised around the world, and in worse shape than before the Clinton years.

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The campaign to nowhere

Mea culpa. I am just not very good at this campaign stuff. Those much more adept than I pulled me, along with most of America, into talking about Sarah Palin rather than the real problems we should be discussing, so I admit my error and am making amends by returning to what is real. I wish the candidates would as well – especially Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin who seem to have decided issues don’t matter.

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When the coattails are a skirt

Well, it turns out for now at least, that I was wrong in my last commentary. It is not Gov. Palin that will withdraw from the race – it was Sen. McCain who announced his withdrawal last night during his acceptance speech.

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Bait and switch?

The selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate was shocking and mystifying. Stunning for its demonstration of bad judgment on the part of McCain, I just could not figure out why he would select someone who was already under investigation in her home state. But what if that was not the strategy to begin with? What if instead the design was to select a woman who they already knew would pull out quickly?

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The real change we need

In some ways no matter who gets elected President this fall, nothing seems likely to change in any real sense. The real problems that we face as a nation cannot be solved by any president or any Congress. They can only be solved by us, working toward common goals, and making personal sacrifice. There is abundant evidence that most Americans are unwilling to face this truth.

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Is this the best we can do?

This seems to be the season for stupid people. So many members of Congress have now been caught flagrante delicto that one wonders if it isn’t a secret club initiation. What is it with these men? Not only cannot keep it in their pants, they are just plain stupid thinking they will keep their behavior secret.

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Executive privilege run amok

America is several decades into a revolution that has been all but unreported in our press and is never spoken of in Presidential campaigns. Early Presidents dabbled in it but it was Harry Truman who opened a new front in the revolution when he claimed the authority to start a war without the consent of Congress.

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The sanitized, sanctimonious States of America

We are a nation that loudly proclaims liberty and freedom yet we are among the least free people on earth when it comes to simply being a human being. You know, one of “whiney”, “illegal” and most certainly “improper” animals that are ravaging our planet. And most certainly do not make any mistakes or misstatements if you run for public office.

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