In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

The Torture Memos

 According the May, 30, 2005 "Torture Memo," penned by Judge Jay Bybee (Bush got him onto the 9th Circ. Appellate Court), we held and tortured 94 detainees, using waterboarding, stressed positioning, subjecting them to extreme temperatures while naked, even stuffing them into boxes.

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My take on tomorrow’s Tea baggers

 By now plenty of bloggers have covered the Dick Armey connection, the billionaire support and funding, and the absolute bullshit that drives this whole tea bagging event. 

Fox Gnus’ promo efforts are – – – words escape me. They are not nuts. They are simply trying one last time to be relevant, after the voters caught on, first in ’06, and again, in ’08.  

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Is it me or has the GOP gone insane?

 What a week. Our president wows and woos Europe to everyone’s relief, and even gets brittle relationships with China and Russia on track and  far more manageable and workable. In response, Rush Limbaugh claims that Obama’s absence is the reason for any rise in the stock market. Oh, and Barack is busy infecting Gordon Brown’s asshole, in case you missed the latest Rushism. 

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Our twittering world – the dark side.

For those who aren’t  cool or hip (do folks still use those words?) Wiki defines twitter as  "a social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 bytes in length. "

Think of it as a tiny, speedy, badly spelled e-mail between friends.  Gee, you even get a whole 140 bytes at the apple, even if you don’t have a mac. 

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Obama and the Military vs. C-PAC

 I can hear Rush now, "Bbbbbbut he’s the commander in thief,  so of course our troops will cheer him in public. But in private, OBambam has a growing problem with his, no, OUR military. They don’t trust him. His military officers don’t trust him. Most importantly, I! ME! RUSH! I don’t trust him! And neither should you." 

Thanks, Rush. By the way, did you see how the troops reacted to our new commander in Chief at Camp LeJeunne? And not just when he announced a pay hike for the troops? 

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A joint conference with an engaged president? Oh my gawd.

 I confess that rarely have I been riveted to a TeeVee screen like I was today. 

Who would have ever thought that America would again have a president that spoke in complete sentences, used factual references, dealt with complex situations, and allowed for open communications? With his opponents in Congress, no less? 

I suppose that after 8 years of George, most Americans forgot that brains, education, and creativity do still exist in this country, AND we are permitted to elect such a person to the White House. 

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The GOP’s secret plan to save its future

America’s 19% party has a problem. Actually, it has several problems. Just when it should be celebrating the 200 yr birthday of its most popular leader, the man who put the GOP on the map, today’s GOP split its time attacking a popular president on one hand, and demanding top level income tax, capital gains tax, and corporate tax cuts on the other. 

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