In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

McCain: “POW! POW! POW! Take that Obama!”

We know what John McCain hopes will propel him into the White House. It’s his 40 year old POW stories (cartoon) and other simplistic tidbits with as much substance as a Twinkie. He used his oft repeated tales from Hanoi to answer several questions at the Saddleback Church Forum and the audience ate it up. Love those Twinkies. No matter that Obama gave more compelling, if complex and nuanced, answers to the same questions. American likes drama in digestible segments, and that’s what McCain gave them.

Obama needs to find an antidote to McCain’s anecdotes, and he needs to find it soon!

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McCain, Obama, and the lesser of two evils principle

“The lesser of two evils principle is often used in reference to electoral politics. When popular opinion is confronted with two main candidates that are substantially similar, a voter is often advised to choose the “lesser of two evils” to avoid having the supposedly ‘greater evil’ get into office and wreak havoc on society.” (Wikipedia)

In McCain vs. Obama, does this principle apply? Are McCain and Obama “substantially similar”?

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Hillary’s historic achievement?

“Obama has never shown proper regard for a campaign she (Hillary) believes was as historic an achievement as his,” according to an article in Time. It is a zero sum game to make the comparison between overcoming American racism vs. sexism. Just the same, here’s some perspective. There are about twice as many females as blacks serving in Congress.. We have had 29 female governors and only two black governors. Of course we had Ferraro run for VP. How many women who “didn’t know their place” were lynched by the Klan?

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Hillary Clinton as Obama V.P. choice?

What if McCain’s recent gains in the polls continue over the next few weeks and analysts consider this a trend? What if it looks like Hillary Clinton, despite the obvious reasons for not choosing her, would make the Democratic ticket unbeatable?

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Idealization of Obama: The higher the pedestal the harder they fall

This is a column about the psychology of idealization and how it effects our feelings and our opinions about others when they disappoint us: case in point Barack Obama. His supporter’s wishes led many of the most ardent to think of Obama as a realization of their hopes for the perfect candidate, a potent anti-venom to G. W. Bush’s poisonous imperial rule. The same goes for Hillary Clinton’s most enthusiastic supporters.

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Obama should embrace McCain’s flip-flops as flexible

The accusation that one’s opponent is a flip-flopper has become a campaign staple. Obama’s soaring rhetoric of change has opened him to such charges from his more liberal supporters as well as from McCain and his operatives. Measure for measure McCain has a comparable number of flip-flops. Obama has a way to advance his standing by taking all but the most egregious flip-flops out of the campaign conversation.

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