Monday, December 11, 2017

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DOUG THOMPSON - A Personal Opinion

A bitter, partisan time for America

On the day after the this year's already bitter and divisive Presidential election, a photo on Facebook posted the day after the election showing a pickup truck displaying a "I Hate Muslims" bumper sticker...

America elected a false prophet as President

A lot of writing and broadcast commentary over the past 36 hours over what the stunning election of bombastic billionaire Donald J. Trump means to America. Quite a bit of analysis on "how and /or...

Clinton should be President; Trump? No

The Arkansas Project, funded by right-wing billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, has just one goal: Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton. We used innuendoes, information from partisan sources and outright lies to destroy her healthcare plan and sully her reputation. The groundless charges that became the Whitewater Investigation came out of that project. I owe Hillary Clinton an apology for anything I did as part of The Arkansas Project that began to create the false impressions that dog her today as she stands on the verge of becoming part of a history that she has affected for much of her life. She has shortcomings. We all do. But her accomplishments far outnumber her faults and she stands head and shoulders over a threat to America named Donald J. Trump.

The GOP base: Stupid is as stupid does

In too many ways, the Republican Party deserves Rick Santorum. He's tailor-made for the right-wing fanatics, Bible-thumpers and racists that dominate the party of the elephant. "As long as the GOP chooses to let the extreme...

Lies, damn lies and Hillary Clinton

Democratic Presidential pretender Hillary Rodham Clinton is drowning in her own sea of lies, undone by exaggerated claims of being under fire in Bosnia, waterlogged by her hype, murdered by her own mendacity. After months of lying outright about being "under fire" in Bosnia during a visit while serving as First Lady, Clinton now tries to dismiss the gaffe as a "misstatement."

Hillary Clinton is not the man for the job


Mere mention of her name sends fear into the hearts of Republicans and turns Democrats giddy.


She's become a politician identified by first name only.

Hillary: The woman who wants to be the next President of the United States.