They came to praise King and bury Bush

George W. Bush’s pathetic attempt to turn Coretta Scott King’s funeral into a politically-advantageous photo op fell flatter than his State of the Union speech Tuesday — a textbook example of just how out of touch the President has become with the American people.

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Is John Boehner just another Tom DeLay?

020506boehner.jpgOver the years, new House Majority Leader John Boehner (right) has built a political empire with similarities to the fundraising machine of the man he’s replacing, Rep. Tom DeLay.

The Ohio congressman, who won an upset victory for the House GOP’s No. 2 post, has distributed roughly $2.9 million to Republicans from his political action committee since 1979, according to the campaign finance Web site Political Money Line. Some of the recipients this week returned the favor in voting for him.

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Sex, lies and Bill Clinton

The latest pissing contest to occupy Washington’s political landscape involves President George W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton over just who is responsible for the corporate greed that led to accounting scandals that have sent the stock market into the crapper.

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