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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

White House working overtime to hide just how sick Trump is from COVID-19

Aides scramble to hide the truth about his infection, his sickness and how contagious he is. As usual, his claims of a miracle cure are lies.
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In frame grab of video that shows Trump standing outside the Oval Office Wednesday, claiming his is “cured” by a drug that has not been approved for general use. It is steroid based and causes exactly the wild claims he makes and the “euphoria” that comes with such drug use. Doctors say he is lying.

A barrage of inaccurate propaganda from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue obscures that sad fact that president Donald Trump remains very sick, hideously infected and dangerously contagious from the COVID-19 coronavirus that struck him and many others in the White House last week.

White House sources say Trump has been observed struggling to breathe more than once after returning to the White House from Walter Reed Military Medical Center and his temperature checks are hidden like state secrets.

His videos have been shot between bouts that come and go and the official White House line is “he’s recovered and doing great.” As with so much misinformation that comes from his administration, the claims are outright lies.

Twitter has rejected and deleted many of his claims. Facebook has posted warnings about the “inaccurate information” they contain.

Against the advice of his doctors, Trump returned to the Oval Office and is “conducting business” with aides while others who can stay away from him remain home or off-site. The White House refused to disclose the last test when he was found “negative” of having the virus before the positive test announced just past midnight a week ago. Doctors recommended he remain in quarantine in the “official residence” on the upper floor of the White House for 10-14 days, but has been downstairs in the West Wing often in the past two days.

“I don’t know when he last tested negative,” White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern told reporters Wednesday just before Trump returned to the Oval Office for the first time since being released from the hospital on Monday. “We’re not asking to go back through a bunch of records and look backwards.”

Reports The Washington Post:

Convincing journalists to focus on things other than the coronavirus crisis and its debilitating impact on the White House has been a key goal for Trump and his aides in recent days, culminating Wednesday with the president’s unexpected departure from isolation and return to the Oval Office.

The potentially dangerous move by a still-infectious and recovering covid-19 patient was Trump’s latest attempt to send a message four weeks before the election that Americans should not be afraid of a disease that hospitalized him and infected much of the West Wing.

Trump sought to depict a presidency that has returned to normal, saying on Twitter that he had “recovered” from the virus.

“Hi, perhaps you recognize me. It’s your favorite president, and I’m standing in front of the Oval Office at the White House,” Trump said in a recorded video released on Twitter late Wednesday.

A close examination of the video shows a man struggling to get air and using makeup to darken what aides admit is his “pasty-white” skin. It shows rapid edits which sources say were necessary when he had trouble speaking and breathing.

“He is sick,” says one aide who, for fear of retaliation, asked for anonymity. “Anyone here can see he’s really sick, and he threatens to infect all of us.”

Medical experts say Trump’s ludicrous claim of “recovered” is the ramblings of a COVID-19 patient given steroids that increase illusions.

When asked if Trump could have been “cured” in 24 hours by using the drug Regeneron, Dr. Peter Chin Hong, infectious disease specialist at the University of California San Francisco said “one million chance no.”

Dr. Hong said Trump’s statements and actions are exactly the kind of feelings of euphoria that the drug brings on.

“This is all in keeping with the dexamethasone speaking,” Dr. Chin-Hong tells The New York Times.

The assessment of medical experts led the Commission on Presidential Debates to announce Thursday morning that next week’s second presidential debate would be “virtual” with Trump and Democratic presidential candidate–and former vice president–Joe Biden appear via video from separate locations.

Trump angrily responded that he would not participate in a debate under those rules. Biden says he will.

If Trump refused to debate next week, it will probably end the debates for this election season. Based on his erratic performance last week, that would be a relief to many.

Let Trump, the spoiled brat, sit in the White House and sulk. Polls show him dropping in support, even within his normal, cult-like, “base.”

Voters are already casting ballots around the nation and the final decision rests with those who vote between now and Nov. 3. Time to cut the lying, corrupt wannabe dictator loose and leave his future to the prosecutors waiting to seal his scandal-ridden legacy.


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  1. After the virus is gone, is actually the most dangerous time for Covid-19 patients. Nobody dies from the virus, which is more or less just another corona cold virus. They die from their own immune system going into over-reaction, attacking their own tissues, and causing micro-clots everywhere. Researchers at OSU did MRIs on student athletes after they recovered from asymptomatic or mild cases, and they found that 46% showed some heart damage. Antibody infusions do NOT help with this. They might even make it worse.

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