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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Trump’s descent into madness continues to haunt, threaten America

The dementia that controls Donald Trump is increasing. He's not losing it. He already has lost it, and he now threatens to destroy democracy and America.
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The Lincoln Project, an aggressive group of Republicans who are fed up with the destruction of their party and our country by the domestic terrorism of Donald Trump, continues to get under his thin skin with pointed, and effective videos.

“Wake Up,” the one above, was released Wednesday and demonstrates who unhinged Trump has become. He’s not losing it. He has lost it and his paranoia, dementia and mental instability threatens us all.

To make matters worse, the former “reality show” host who measures himself via TV ratings, trailed Democratic opponent Joe Biden, who convention week before last drew more viewers than the GOP one last week.

Face it, Trump. You’re a loser.

Trump loses the TV ratings race against Biden.

The slide continues as a slight pollling bump by a couple of companies disappeared in just a day and Biden continues to hold a strong lead over the maniac in the White House. Biden’s lead is greater than what Hillary Clinton had at this time four years ago.

Trump’s latest victims: The school children he want placed in harm’s day.

What we see clearly in this presidential campaign is a clear choice between a self-serving madman and a decent, experienced leader who can bring America back together:

A clear choice in this election

Why do I trust The Lincoln Project? Because I know the people involved. I worked for the National Republican Party back in the 1980s as an operative and worked with many those who are part of The Lincoln Project.

Unlike Trump and what the GOP has become, TLP puts America first.

America is currently under the control of pure evil. It’s time to stamp it out.

The faces of evil at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


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