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Monday, January 17, 2022

Redford on Trump: A ‘dictator like’ tyrant bent on destroying America

This monarchy in disguise has been so exhausting and chaotic, it’s not in the least bit surprising so many citizens are disillusioned.
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President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Great Falls, Montana. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Perhaps it is time to listen to an actor, director, producer and activist who makes the best case for saving this nation from a wannabe dictator who became known to much of America as the host of a “reality” television show while on the rebound from business failures.

“What is happening, right now, is so deeply disturbing that instead of the United States of America, we are now defined as the Divided States of America,” writes Robert Redford. “Leaders on both sides lack the fundamental courage to cross political aisles on behalf of what is good for the American people.”

In a pointed analysis posted in the “Think” section of NBC News’ website, Redford says Trump has to go and puts the burden of saving America on voters who must take leadership from a government that has failed.

We’re up against a crisis I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: a dictator-like attack by President Donald Trump on everything this country stands for. As last week’s impeachment hearings made clear, our shared tolerance and respect for the truth, our sacred rule of law, our essential freedom of the press and our precious freedoms of speech — all have been threatened by a single man.

It’s time for Trump to go — along with those in Congress who have chosen party loyalty over their oath to “solemnly affirm” their support for the Constitution of the United States. And it’s up to us to make that happen, through the power of our votes.

Redford writes that although he did not vote for or support Trump in 2016, he felt it he should be given a chance to prove he could be a real servant of the people.

When Trump was elected, though he was not my choice, I honestly thought it only fair to give the guy a chance. And like many others, I did. But almost instantly he began to disappoint and then alarm me. I don’t think I’m alone.

Tonight it pains me to watch what is happening to our country. Growing up as a child during World War II, I watched a united America defend itself against the threat of fascism. I watched this again, during the Watergate crisis, when our democracy was threatened. And again, when terrorists turned our world upside down.

During those times of crises, Congress came together, and our leaders came together. Politicians from both sides rose to defend our founding principles and the values that make us a global leader and a philosophical beacon of hope for all those seeking their own freedoms.

Not now. With too many elected members of Congress joining in with Trump’s destruction of the American way of life, it is now time for voters to take control and get rid of the terrorism that threatens us from within.

We’re at a point in time where I reluctantly believe that we have much to lose — it is a critical and unforgiving moment. This monarchy in disguise has been so exhausting and chaotic, it’s not in the least bit surprising so many citizens are disillusioned.

“There are only 11 months left before the presidential election; 11 months before we get our one real chance to right this ship and change the course of disaster that lies before us,” Redford says. “Let’s rededicate ourselves to voting for truth, character and integrity in our representatives (no matter which side we’re on). Let’s go back to being the leader the world so desperately needs. Let’s return, quickly, to being simply … Americans.”


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